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About Acacia Label

Every now and then we all get a second chance (and if you're lucky then a third and a fourth chance) at making a difference and in some way leaving a mark of your efforts in this world.

Haute Couture is a fancy name for getting your clothes tailored to your required design and cut. In the yesteryear the tailor (craftsmen) knew better on what each of your body part size is and was (albiet embarassing). For my dedicated team when we started throwing ideas in 2010 around the coffee table over the second cup of chai (love chai!) - we embarked on an idea of revolutnising the whole process. As an Engineer (yes I crunch numbers and consult people on how best they extract Black Gold from mother nature); I absolutely had to ensure that our process was well vetted, be enjoyable and fun all whilst ensuring returns and failure rate stayed minimum.

I've rambled on enough on a public domain - but before heading for another cup of chai - I would like to say that on behalf of my team Thank You for making Acacia Label possible.


To all of you, from all of us at Acacia Label outlet - Thank you and Happy eCommerce!

Omer J. Mirza
Some important operational guy

(and I've got to fix this page!)