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About Acacia Label

Named after the tree Acacia plant in Australia and the Acacia tree in Africa - both known for their resilliance to survive in wet and drought climates.

Such as is my team's nature to withstand the elements of being an online business which promises to create tailored dresses of quality whilst providing a reliable customer service.

Haute Couture is a fancy name for getting your clothes tailored to your required design and cut. In the yesteryear the tailor (craftsmen) knew better on what each of your body part size is and was (albeit embarrassing). For my dedicated team when we started throwing ideas in 2010 around the coffee table over the second cup of chai (love chai!) - we embarked on an idea of revolutionising the whole process with elements of quality of service and reliability of the process.

Being an engineer; I absolutely had to ensure that our process was well vetted, be enjoyable whilst ensuring returns and failure rate stayed minimum. Our main priority is to maintain an ethical approach towards all aspects of our business.

Ethics plays a vital role in Acacia Label's business operation and isn't limited to ensuring honest business dealings with clients but goes a step beyond to affect the craftsman.

Every Eid dress, Prom dress, Graduation dress, Bridesmaid dress, Bridal Wedding dress that is liked, purchased and created is meticulously handmade by a craftsman; who is assured that portion of the price will go to his family's household and that his children will continue to go to school and have a hot meal on the table.

I hope (inshalla) you too will get to experience Acacia Label just like our clients from Australia, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Netherlands, United Kingdom and USA have.

Omer J. Mirza
 The Operations "Bloke"