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Measurement Details

measurement table

1. Neck in (in inches)

Horizontal (width of neckline)

Diagonal (depth of neckline)

Round the neck measurements are for stand up (Nehru) collars.

2. Cross Shoulder (in inches)
Measure the horizontal width from shoulder point to shoulder point. Take this measurement at back shoulder.

3. Bust/Chest Circumference (in inches)
Place tape measure round your chest at the fullest expanse of the bust.

4. Sleeve Length (in inches)
Measure from the top of your shoulder to your wrist.

5. Sleeve cuff (in inches)  Measure a little loosely round your wrist for sleeve cuff.

6. Bicep (in inches)
Place tape measure round the widest muscle of your arm.

7. Armhole (in inches)
Lift the arm a little and bend the elbow slightly - measure around the armhole loosely so that it will not bind when the arm is lifted up and down.

8. Shirt Waist (in inches)
Place tape measure round the natural waistline. Bend to one side to find the crease of your natural waistline.

9. Trouser Waist Circumference (in inches)
Measure 1.5 inches (4 cm) below shirt waist. Place tape measure round the trouser waistline.

10. Hip Circumference (in inches)
Measure the circumference along the horizontal line at the widest point of the hip across the fullest part of the buttocks.

11. Crotch (in inches)

Measure from the trouser waistline to the point where your thigh begins.

12. Thigh Circumference (in inches)
Take thigh circumference round the widest part of the leg.  Measure high up on the leg, just below the crotch.

13. Knee Circumference (in inches)
Bend your knee and measure around it loosely so that your trouser will not bind while you walk.

14. Calf Circumference (in inches)
Measure the girth around the largest part of the calf.

15. Trouser Length (in inches)
Measure as outer length of trouser including waistband. This is the length from top of where you wear your trouser at the waist down till where the trouser hem skims your feet.

16. Trouser Inseam (in inches)
Take inseam measurement from the crotch, where two legs join, to bottom of the leg.

17. Trouser Cuffs Circumference (in inches)
Measure the round area on the bottoms of trouser legs, around your ankle.

18. Length of frock (in inches)